Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing offers significantly improved thermal efficient and acoustic insulation and helps with condensation. This makes homes and buildings more secure, eco-efficient and cost efficient. Without the disruption of replacement windows.

This technique involves the installation of a supplementary glazing on the inner side of an existing single glazed window. The benefits of installing secondary glazing not only allows you to preserve the charm and style of your original windows, but effectively gains the performance of double glazing, and could save you around 10% on your heating bills.

Implementing secondary glazing provides an efficient method of insulating and sound proofing your windows. Our secondary glazing will supply an effective barrier to intrusive noise reducing dissonance by up to 70-80% compared to other methods, whilst providing a solution to draughty spots on existing windows reducing the amount of heat escaping from single glazed windows which provide insufficient insulation.

Supplied fully assembled our secondary glazing comprises of an aluminium outer frame jointed to a seasoned hardwood surround, reducing heat loss and noise immersion.

Suitable for all types of construction including Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, hotels to commercial buildings, secondary glazing is suited for all types of premises.

From Horizontal Sliders, Hinged Units, Vertical Sliders, as well as Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-In-Balanced Vertical Sliders, we supply a comprehensive range of of styles to suit every application. With a choice of frames in White, Silver or Brown and a wide range of glass types including clear, toughened, patterned, acoustic and laminated for any job.

We can cater for virtually every size and shape of window, our secondary glazing is unobtrusive, non-invasive and easily accessible for cleaning and ventilation, offering the benefits of replacement windows without the hassle and can be fitted all year round.

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Benefits of Secondary Glazing

  • Improved acoustic insulation
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Helps with condensation
  • More secure

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