Reinstating and reactivating sash windows

Box Sash Window Conversions Can be Reinstated & Reactivated to Double Hung Sliding Sash Windows.

Over the years, many heritage sash windows have undergone various conversions such as fitting UPVC, aluminium, louvre, pivot or casement window sub-frames. Fortunately the original box frame is often left intact and we can undo the conversion to reactivate them into a fully functioning double glazed sliding sash window.

After removing the existing window conversion we fit a balance system including new pulleys, cords & weights. We undertake repairs and install our authentic replica wooden sashes into your existing timber frames, paint finished and double glazed with energy efficient glass.

All of our draught seals are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, being machined into the timber components to become an “invisible” part of the window.  The original heritage appearance of the property is restored with all the benefits of modern windows

If the original box frame has been removed then a complete window replacement will be required.

Reactivating sash windows to their original sliding sash design.

Our sash reactivation service includes:

  • Survey of the existing frames.
  • Removal of the unwanted conversion.
  • New weight system installed.
  • Our standard Restoration and draught seal service.
  • Bespoke replica timber sashes.
  • Balancing the weighting mechanism to ensure ease of operation.
  • Large selection of double glazed units.
  • A choice of paint finishes.
  • A wide range of ironmongery in a choice of finishes.
Recondition And Draught Sealing

Authentic Wooden Replicas

We carefully reproduce a copy of the original sashes using any photos you might have or referencing a neighbouring property. By increasing the rebate depth we accommodate a sealed double glazed unit.

Glazing bars can be either bonded with duplex bars or individual Slimlite sealed units.

Large selection of Double Glazed Units (DGU) :

  • 5 – 16mm spacer bars depending on the sash thickness.
  • Slimlite DGU or duplex bars.
  • Acoustic DGU configuration.
  • Energy efficient glass.
  • Etched or patterned glass.
  • Safety glass.
  • Argon filled for better energy efficiency.

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